Tamshiyacu Tahuayo National Reserve

A Natural Paradise

Today we will talk about our home, the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo National Reserve, which is a protected area located in Iquitos, in the department of Loreto, Peru. The reservation was established by the Ministry of Environment of Peru in 2009, and it was possible thanks to private organizations such as Muyuna Amazon Lodge and NGOs.

Its Importance in the Amazon Ecosystem

The reserve covers an area of 4,200.8 km2 that includes flood and highland forests of the Peruvian Amazon with enormous biodiversity. There are hundreds of species of mammals, primates, fish, reptiles, and birds, including several that are in danger of extinction, such as the Curassow bird, which is located in the vicinity of Muyuna. “The reserve was established to conserve the ecosystems, as well as the ecological and evolutionary processes of the area, guaranteeing the sustainable use of wildlife by the local population such as San Juan de Yanayacu.” (MMAP)

Adventure to this Natural Paradise!

Thousands of tourists do outdoor activities such as wildlife watching, camping, walking, boating, bird watching, and fishing. We must mention that only the companies that comply with all the protocols and requirements established by the government of Peru can be within the reserve. Muyuna, in collaboration with local communities and NGOs, we protected the reserve of loggers, fishermen, and illegal hunters.

If you come to Peru, remember to visit the Tamshiyacu Tahayo Reserve in The Amazon. Discover a new world full of life, and let your senses explore and feel every corner of this magical place. We will show you the secrets of the jungle.

Muyuna, the magic will stay in you.


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By: Javier R. Castro
Visual Material: Muyuna Amazon Lodge