1.5 hour
of flight

As Iquitos is a city with no land connection, the only ways to get there are by air or by river. To know the two most important places in Peru, Machu Picchu and the Amazon River, there are flights that connect Iquitos and Cusco.

For adventurers who have more time to explore there is the option of traveling by boat. You must bear in mind that:

    • The boats include basic services and there is no established schedule.
    • It takes 2 days from Yurimaguas and 5 from Pucallpa.

For travelers who have a few days, the option to get to Iquitos by plane is the most practical. There are direct flights, at reasonable prices, from
Lima and Cuzco.

    • Lima: All year round, 1.5 hour trip.
    • Cuzco: From March to November, 2 hours journey.

to Iquitos!
We take care of
the rest.

The adventure begins from the moment we pick you up from the hotel or airport, while you watch Iquitos, the only city without land connections in Peru. Then, the transport will leave you in one of our boats, sailing 140 km south, upriver from Iquitos, towards the heart of the Amazon rainforest. In the course of three hours, you will appreciate the imposing Amazon River and the rhythm that it puts to the inhabitants.

Once you arrive in Muyuna, our family will wait for you ready to start with the activities.

● The boat sails from Iquitos every day of the year at 9:30 a.m. In addition to another extra outing for travelers arriving from the Cusco flight at 10:40 am.

● The last day of your stay, we left the Muyuna Lodge, after lunch, arriving in Iquitos around 4:00 p.m.

● If you have flights that do not match this schedule, we can adapt. We must add S / 500 or S / 750 (for less or more than 6 people), for each section of the boat that is outside the aforementioned schedule. The total cost is paid equally among all passengers.

● For reasons of visibility we do not sail at night.