Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you can read the most common FAQs. If you want to know more, please contact  or to our  WhatsApp: +51 965 934 424 to obtain our detailed manual or use our online chat.


When is the best time to visit Muyuna?

You can visit us throughout the year, the only difference is the level of water in the rivers. Each season has its charm: When it is empty (July-October), we take longer walks; There are white sand beaches in the Amazon and fishing is easier. When it is growing (December-May), the excursions are in canoes, allowing a better observation of animals near the treetops.

Is medical prevention necessary to travel to Muyuna?

Muyuna is located in an area where the infection rate of Yellow Fever, Dengue, or Malaria they are very low. Generally, Malaria and Dengue are contracted near the city, where there is contamination and unhealthy conditions, however, there have been no cases of this disease in years. We recommend asking, where you go, if there have been cases of these diseases before.

Can I travel with children?

Muyuna welcomes people of all ages and when we know we will have children visit, we customize the excursions to be suitable for them. Among the activities we have, fishing is one of the activities preferred by them. We also have board games to enjoy as we did before technology invades us. In addition, visiting the town of San Juan de Yanayacu will help you learn more about the customs and traditions that may exist and end the day playing in the trees, running in the gardens. If it is school time, guests’ kids can participate in the class activities of the school.

What happens if the flight is delayed?

Don’t worry because since we received the information of your flight, we have the follow-up, but if there is a reprogramming, we would appreciate it if you would advise us to have the same follow-up. When you arrive in Iquitos, we will be waiting for you to take you to Muyuna in an extra boat. But if you arrive after 3:00 p.m., we will help you get a hotel in Iquitos to go to Muyuna the next day, since we can not sail without the sunlight. In Muyuna we only charge the days that you go to the jungle. We know that it is not your fault the delay of the flights, and, although we incur expenses, waiting for you is a way to thank for having chosen the visit to the Muyuna Lodge.

How can I pay the difference of the tour?

In Peru we use the Soles currency, but if you have not changed to the type of currency we use, you can also pay in Dollars. It can be in cash or by credit card. Likewise, we remind you that at Lima and Iquitos airports there are ATMs, as well, you can find them a few steps from our office in Iquitos. Note that ATMs in Peru allow a maximum of S/. 700 per day.


Tips are voluntary. We do not suggest any amount. If you wish to collaborate with those who assisted you during your stay, you will find an envelope for the guide and another for the staff, in the end side of the book that is in your Bungalow.

What happens in case of a medical emergency?

In case of emergency, we have a first aid kit equipped to treat most cases that may arise. All our guides know first aid, which means they are prepared to face foreseeable emergencies (broken bones or snake bites) but not complex emergencies (such as appendicitis). For snake bites, we have an antidote in the lodge. In case of evacuation, we have a boat available 24 hours a day.

What to bring?