Muyuna, home
of incredible

Thanks to the inaccessibility of the Muyuna’s location, we feel safe saying that we guarantee the observation of monkeys, sloths, pink and gray dolphins, alligators, hundreds of birds, piranhas, as well as a variety of plants such as Victoria Regia, Creeper, heliconia, among others, all of them in their natural habitat.

Peru is a country with few laws against animal abuse. Because of this, not promoting the hunting and life in captivity of animals is our slogan. For an animal in captivity to be seen by tourists, means a cruel process. They have to live in small spaces, coexisting with their mud and without comforts to lie down, play, jump, hunt. The animals in captivity live less time and go through unnatural pain and adversities.

A clear example is the wild monkeys that live in communities of the same species. When we have tried to introduce a rescued copy that we have taken from Iquitos, the group no longer accepts it. And this also happens with other species such as the lazy bear that clings and hugs its tree until humans make it fall from several meters high to take a picture; or the macaws that pose with tourists as pets because they have wings cut off and can not fly, in addition to changing their natural diet.

In Muyuna we reject any aforementioned practices and encourage the non-interruption of wildlife in the area. It is up to us to choose whether Tourism turns black or not.