with care

These are some of the activities we do to conserve the environment:

  • Muyuna has been built, mostly, with materials from the same area, keeping strict relationship with the environment, in addition to giving work to residents of San Juan de Yanayacu, constantly.
  • The drains of the bathrooms and kitchen go to septic tanks to which every so often we give them the necessary treatment.
  • Regarding food, we use many products from the area, such as fruits, vegetables and fish. We are not vegetarians; however, we do not kill animals that are in danger of extinction, even if some passengers
  • For camping and full day, we provide tableware and reusable glasses.
  • We recycle everything that we can. We separate the waste from organic waste to make fertilizer. The plastic is taken to a recycling center in Iquitos. Non recycled garbage is brought to Iquitos in a separate boat.
  • We do cleaning campaigns in the ports of Iquitos.
  • We wash dirty clothes by hand using biodegradable detergent, giving work to the villagers. In Muyuna we do not use iron.
  • The plastic bags are recycled and put in the garbage dumps of the rooms.
  • At all times we try not to disturb the animals, so we ask you to be prudent when taking pictures of the Muyuna tours, as well as those of Iquitos.
  • The electricity is generated by solar panels, supplied through LED lights. When irradiance is not enough, we turn on a soundproof generator (boxed).