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Iquitos is the only place in Peru where you can see the authentic Amazon River. 

You can swim in the Amazon River and see the pink and gray dolphins around. In fact pink dolphins only live here. 

The Victoria Regia, the largest aquatic plant in the world, only exists in the Amazon River. 


Iquitos is a city without land connection, the only ways to get there is by air or by river. There are direct flights from Lima every day; and Cusco in high season. 

The trip begins in Iquitos, driving by the only highway around for 1:30 hours (bus) and then sailing along the Amazon for 40 minutes (speedboat). We manage all our operations. 

All our tours include the following activities: day and night hikes, excursion to swim in the Amazon River with pink dolphins, piranha fishing, exploration for searching nocturnal reptiles, sunset activities, visit to San Juan’s community, canoeing or kayaking activities and much more. 

Muyuna welcomes absolutely everyone: when we are visited by children, we tailor excursions as more adquate and enjoyable for them.   

Fishing and kayaks are the most preferred activities during the day. After sunset, playing board games makes them remember how it was like without technology. 

It is easier to go with the current. Most lodges are located downstream, and closer to Iquitos, having less chance of observing animals in their natural habitat.  

There are two types of passengers. There are those who are looking for: more comfort such as swimming pool, A/C, with traditional activities such as visiting tribes, observing and touching animals at a close distance. And, others are looking for: authenticity in the excursions, animals in their natural habitat far from civilization, with low environmental impact working with the community, combined with adequate comfort 

Comfort and authenticity are possible within the Muyuna experience. 

Muyuna and surroundings have never had cases of Yellow Fever, Dengue, Malaria, or Zika. The diseases are spread usually within a city.  

 Travelling to a nature spot is a safe activity against Covid-19 since all excursions are carried out in open spaces. 

Muyuna can be visited all year round. The only thing which changes is the level of the water. Each period has its charm: during the low-water season (July-September), you can walk a lot more and there are sand beaches on the Amazon and fishing is easier; whereas during the high-water season, excursions are done with boats and canoes at a few meters from the canopy of the trees.  

 We are open 365 days all-year long.  

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