In Muyuna we are
More than a lodge:
We are family.

Muyuna is 100% Peruvian. Our family has more than 40 members, including people from Iquitos (city), Lima and San Juan de Yanayacu (jungle). From the airport, you will be transferred by our drivers. You will also be under the guidance of the Administrator of the Iquitos office; and in the jungle: waiters, guards, guides, motorcyclists, assistants, and chefs under the supervision of the Lodge Manager.

As a family, we want each of our members to have the best opportunities. Some arrive at Muyuna with a limited level of education, but if through enough motivation and incentives, we give them the necessary tools to rise up the hierarchy. Erinson Panduro, our Office Manager, is an excellent example of this practice. When Erinson started working in Muyuna, he was a motorcyclist assistant. Now, he speaks English and is an excellent manager.

All the guides of Muyuna are Peruvian, some speak English and several have been born in the area, growing up with such knowledge that in a given moment can make them a medic or a naturalist, and in other moments they will be so camouflaged with the jungle that you will think that they had a hyper-developed sense of vision and smell.

Thanks to your visit, you collaborate to make this kind of stories continue. From the people in the Lodge, the town, and Iquitos, we thank you!