Did you know that the fruit
camu camu
has 30 times
more vitamin C
than an orange?

We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet-style food, with vegetables, carbohydrates, and animal protein (pork, beef, fish, egg and chicken). The menu is balanced between international and Peruvian food so you can try typical dishes. The vegetables and fruits are brought daily from Iquitos. We do not use monosodium glutamate (Aji-no-moto in Peru).

In addition, you will find in the dining room a table set with organic fruits, tea, and coffee, so you can serve yourself; all that you want, when you want. We have drinking water dispensers brought daily from Iquitos from which you can fill your bottle.

Analia and Santiago are vegetarians; the philosophy of the Muyuna is to raise respect towards animals, and we want to honor those who think that the world can improve by feeding oneself without animal meat. Please, tell us if you want to be part of this change by choosing the vegetarian menu for all the days of your stay. A small acknowledgment on our behalf will await you!