Muyuna was designed and
built thanks to the support of
the Community of
San Juan de Yanayacu,
keeping the design within the ambit of the traditional architecture of the jungle.

Given that we are located in front of the river and that the water level rises various meters, it is constructed on stilts. The walls are made of timber, and the roofs are made with palm leaves woven by hand. The dining room and each room are hermetically sealed with mosquito nets on the windows and ceiling.

The entire Lodge has solar ceiling fans to somewhat alleviate the heat. The main room is a large dining room where we serve the food. There are three social areas to drink a beer, sit, relax and have conversations with other travelers. In the dry season, we place in the garden, a football field, a volleyball net, and a ping pong table.

Muyuna is a small Lodge, and it will always remain the same way for us to provide personalised service. The 17 private bungalows are spread across the river, facing the jungle, being each one independent, ensuring privacy. Each private hut has a large bathroom and heated water through solar panels (if there is lack of irradiance, there is no hot water). The mattresses are comfortable and orthopedic, with sheets are made of pure Peruvian cotton. Each hut has a private terrace with a hammock, from which you can enjoy the deafening silence of the jungle by night. In the bathrooms, you will find shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower, and beach towels, as well as detergent, in case you want to wash your clothes.