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Highlight:  Fish for the demanded peacock bass (Cichla ocellaris) in the lagoons of the Amazon River, within the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve.

Muyuna Lodge is located in the Yanayacu River, which is part of the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve.  The recovery of wildlife and fisheries are not the only tangible results:  there is neither illegal logging and hunting.  According to the statistics, the conclusion is that this is unique in Loreto, perhaps in the entire Peruvian Amazon.  Approximately 98% of the wood is processed in Loreto, from illegal.  For this reason, we can take you to lakes being involved with conservation.

Residents and volunteers of Conservation Area Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo (ACRCTT), constantly are participating in training workshops on monitoring and surveillance organized bye the Project Support PROCREL.

As being part of the experience of doing a Fishing Trip with Muyuna Lodge, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the preserved lakes, and, for sure, catch and release many species of Amazonian fish.

As part of the experience of making a fishing trip with Muyuna Lodge, you will have the opportunity to visit preserved lakes, and surely you will Catch & Release many species of Amazonian fish.  After fishing, we release them.

Peacock bass:

Fishing the Amazon region for peacock bass and other exotic fish species has become a very popular activity for avid anglers.  Peru is a great place to consider for these fish and Muyuna Lodge offers trip packages design specifically for adventurous anglers. On our fishing tours we target Peacock Bass, Araguana and Paco (Piractus brachipomus).

The best time to fish for peacock bass in the Amazon River is July-November, months we offer the Fishing Trip.  These are the driest months in the Amazon and are ideal for fishing.  During the remaining months of the year the rivers and lakes are flooded causing most fish species to venture into the flooded rainforest and leave the isolation of the rivers and lakes.

The predominant peacock bass species we have in Peru are the Cichla Ocellaris known as the “Butterfly Peacock Bass”. The butterfly peacock bass typically grow to around 12 pounds (5 kilos) and are not as large as its big brother, the Cichla Temensis that are a popular fishing targets in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.

In fact, it has a large mouth with lower jaw projected.  It presents a notch between the spiny and soft dorsal fin.  It is brown yellowish color with three or four dark bands at the sides of the body and an ocellus on top of the base of the tail fin, to confuse predators. In addition, it is a meat eater; most of the time it eats fish and river shrimps.  It breeds in captivity. It meat is very popular in the local market. Furthermore, it reaches, sometimes, a length of 50 centimeters.

This fish extremely belligerent element that passes by will inevitably swallowed. Only humans and alligators can with him.

Muyuna Lodge recommends the 5 days tour, to be able to make the camping, plus the visit to a far and remote preserved lake.  If you want to go for fewer days, it's possible, but we do not ensure complete satisfaction.

1st Day (lunch / dinner):

  • Pick up from the Baggage Claim in Iquitos Airport and transfer to
  • Iquitos (or from the Iquitos Hotel to Muyuna Office) for shopping and last minute coordination.
  • Transfer to the port. 
  • Transfer in a speed boat for 3 hours, 140 kms. (74 miles), upriver from Iquiots, bye the Amazon River, one of the 7 New Natural Wonders.  
  • Lunch buffet. 
  • Boat excursion to Corriente Lake, where there are possibilities to fish for the peacock bass and other species.
  • Dinner buffet.

2nd Day (breakfast / lunch / dinner) Full Day:

  • Early breakfast.
  • Excursion to Laguna Bufeo, where we will establish a base camp form the place to perform the different fishing activities in Bufeo and Huito Lakes. 
  • Sport fishing all day, where fishing WARRANT Muyuna different sizes of peacock bass and other fish species typical of the Peruvian Amazon River tributaries.
  • Muyuna staff awaits at base camp, where lunch will be served, in the middle of the pure and virgin rainforest.
  • After lunch, return to the remote Laguna Huito.
  • Sport fishing all afternoon.
  • Return to Muyuna Lodge at sunset to enjoy a well deserved rest
  • Dinner buffet.

3rd Day (breakfast / lunch / dinner):  Campming night:

  • Early breakfast.
  • Expedition to the Tipashiro or Juanachi Lakes (depending on access and river level), by boat or on foot.  Catch and release peacock bass, acarahuazus, gamitanas, pirañas, etc.
  • Buffet lunch at Muyuna.
  • Expedition to another distant creek, which will host a night of camping. There is a beautiful sunset, only interrupted by flock of birds flying over the water.
  • Dinner outdoors.

4th Day (breakfast / lunch / dinner):

  • Breakfast outdoors.
  • Fish in this lovely place all day, just interrupting you for lunch time, with a very nice and tranquil landscape.
  • Late return to Muyuna.
  • Dinner buffet. 

5th Day (breakfast / lunch):

  • Breakfast buffet.
  • Share in the morning with the friendly people of the forest, in the village of San Juan de Yanayacu.  The visit is very spopntaneous, travelers sometimes play football with them or just walk around their homes.  It is time to talk with artisanal fishermen, and learn their secrets.  Also, here, you can buy crafts that they made based on seeds and vegetable ivory.
  • Lunch buffet.
  • Your experience of fishing in the Amazon rainforest will end. Transfer by speed boat for two hours back to civilization.

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2 – 10*

11 – more*

Price 2016

S/. 3,040

S/. 2,500

S/. 2,460

The prices are established in nuevos soles and they are per person.

(*) Double occupancy

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